The best flapjacks this side of...anywhere!

What started as a way of making a "little extra" to cover child care expenses, has grown into an incredible opportunity to travel all over our great state, serving our wonderfully delicious flapjacks.

The man behind the grill is known as Dan "Danny Flapjacks" Kuper - he can serve over 350 people in an hour, and make it look easy.  He has taken his love of food and machines and melded them into his love of keeping people fed and entertained.  "Why machines?" you might ask.  Well, one look at our griddle and you'll understand.

Now we all know that behind every great man is a greater woman, and that holds true for Flippin' Flapjacks. Since this is a family operation, it would not be complete without Kelly "Momma" Kuper.  While Danny Flapjacks is busy feeding the patrons, Momma is doing everything to keep the engine running smoothly.  She is the "Great and Powerful Oz" - behind the scenes, making everything happen.

Flippin' Flapjacks adds more to your event than just food, we bring an attitude of nurturing that you can't find just anywhere.  Whether we are serving for a corporate event, at a school or Church fundraiser, or at Aid Station #1 during Ride the Rockies, we are always ready to fill you up with all you care to eat.

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